I’m constantly hung…over

I’m ALWAYS drinking

normally a little bit more than I should which (guess what) usually leaves me with a massive hangover in the morning.

But everyone of  these painful babies tell a very unique story…which I plan to tell to you (if I can remember it the next day).

I will microblog my consistently drunk life until I am foaming out the mouth!

I’m serious.

We all have those nights where we meet somebody very interesting at the club, or some crazy event happened at the bar which sent a few people to the slammer. 99.99% of the time these “amazing” nights were only amazing because we were ALL inebriated!!

Those people really arn’t that interesting. You just drank too much rum and coke. That fight only started because some meat head had one too many Budweisers, and I’m guessing he used that same bottle for the fight.

Now, everyone has nights like this (especially if your in my age group), but I LOVE to go out to our local watering-hole grab a brew with a few friends and do whatever it takes for a good time. Which I usually get after a few long-islands 😉

Which reminds me, this guy (I’m gonna call him Bartender Bob) at the Landing made me an extra long-island the other night to get the party started. Strong drinks + free rock concert on the river = Excelente noche!!! Mad props to Bartender Bob.

My life during the day is pretty normal, but at night my life becomes random episodes of heaven. Imagine cloud 9 after a few shots of Johnny, black. Wow, right?

Anyways I love a great story and I love telling them. So I hope you enjoy reading about my life and share your stories as well.

You can share your stories, give your props, or just bitch at me right here:

Email: anthonyrich0320@gmail.com

Twitter: @anthonypaulrich

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