You know it’s time for a drink when…

Time for a Drink

Its bout that time cuh!! DRINK UP!!!

You had a shity day at work (I mean reeeaaalll shity. Like a gorilla shit on your face shity)

You have the bubblies becuase a certain Mexican restaurant puts dog meat in your Quesadilla (but it still tastes AMAZING)

You have a headache that came straight from Satan himself

Your dog pisses on you during your lunch break (by the way I still love you Doopie)

You GM at work is talking soooo much smack that your just want to roundhouse kick him sooooo hard that your heel actually stays forever stuck in his head

Then to top it off you go to the gym (with a dead iPod by the way) and when your done you finally make it to la casa and you realize, “Hey, where’s my gymbag???….FML!!!”

You know what time it is???


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