Hello world!!

My name is Anthony Rich and I was born on Olongapo, PI but I am most definitely Americanized.

Im all about doing what you want to do in life and thats exactly what my aim is everyday that I live. I only want to do what I love and love what I do.

I’m not reckless or advising anyone to be reckless, but I am not one to settle; and if I ever found myself settling I mentally (and sometimes physically) slap myself!

I want to DRINK, MEET AS MANY BOMB-ASS PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE, and TRAVEL. Thats ALL I want to do because these are the things that I love. This is exactly why I created this blog. To connect, share, and give advised on ALL three subjects.

I’m all about EXPERIENCES. I would rather throw down $2000 on an unforgettable experience vs. the newest, biggest, sharpest LED HDTV DLP Mitsubishi TV! You won’t know what your passion is until you’ve done it. The only way to do it is to DO IT!

I will do anything and everything for the sake of thrill and fun (as long as it keeps me on the heterosexual side of the spectrum).

Just doing things outside our norm is the best way to live and find out about yourself and who you truly are.

Thats what this blog encourages. GO OUT!!! DO IT!!! HAVE FUN!!! This is what I constantly tell myself. Its hard to stay positive and fun but its better to work towards happiness versus regret, sadness, and just plain boring.

MY LIFE GOAL: to travel to every country in the world and make a close friend in each country.

All I want, people, is to share all of my experiences with you and the world.

So I hope you enjoyed learning a little about myself and I hope that you enjoy my blog.

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Twitter: @anthonypaulrich

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